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Póg Mo Thón: A Blog

Semi weekly rantage fun from a 21 year old Computer Science student at Penn State.


Art I've made on my computer or scanned in from sketchbooks. Not always up to date with my most current creations.

  • Calculator Art - Pixel art done on my TI-83 Plus (now dead, gone, and buried)
  • Desktop Textures - Textured backgrounds for a website or for your desktop, pixel art style
  • Digital Dumpbox - Completely randomly selected doodles done in the GIMP
  • Unsorted Scans - Selections from my sketchbooks, both good and bad (but mostly bad)


Essentially my larger efforts at providing content. Contents may be double listed elsewhere.


A showcase for my literary efforts, fiction or nonfiction.


Little odds and ends to download and use any way you like.

  • Backgrounds - Backgrounds that you can use on your computer desktop
  • Code Repository - C++, MIPS Assembler, and VHDL programs written for class, all well commented
  • Web Design Layouts - Free to use and modify as you wish (any restrictions are noted within)

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