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In my free time, I like to write stories, create new worlds, and read other people's creations. This particular section is dedicated to those writings. Right now, I don't have much up, I know. Too many years of paranoia of being laughed at led me to keep things locked away in journals written in an alphabet of my own design. If this seems like a stupid idea, keep in mind that it was very effective and completed its main purpose, that of keeping my younger brother from reading them. They thrive on such things, you know, reading diaries, journals, etc.

Right now, I'm posting new things on my Ideascrawls Blog. I put things up as I invent them, so don't expect anything polished. Once I am happy with a few of my stories, I'll collate the plotlines into one and post the finished product in the archives. It won't be the entire story though, but something closer to adding new chapters to an ongoing story. I like this system, because it lets me test out many crazy new plot twists without committing to anything. Right now, I'm almost finished with the first chapter of my story about Sera Kyle, and I'm building an entire planet for a series of stories about magic users throughout its history. So read the blog, and please give me some feedback.

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