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When you find yourself in the position of being an amateur, there is the initial, somewhat sheepish, shock when you realize that there are many, many, many more people out there that are better than you. At the same time though, you are freed from the boundaries imposed upon professionals. If people expect less from you, they will always be pleasantly surprised or at the worst nonplussed by whatever you come up with. Until last year I was one of those innocent amateurs, content to be blissfully subpar and under the radar. But then a few of my friends (also amateurs or uninvolved in the field) managed to convince me to put up some of my art on the Internet. So look, admire the quirkiness, and be amused at one computer programmer's idea of spending their free time.

  • Backgrounds - Here are some backgrounds I've made for my computer over the years. Most of them use completely original art, but a few of them feature other people's art or design.
  • Calculator Art - My faithful TI-83, now long gone (i.e., stolen), featured some basic pixel drawing capabilities. I whiled away many math classes in high school doodling with my calculator instead of paying attention to the teacher. I owned the cable that let you transfer everything to the computer, so my drawings, at least, were safely backed up when my TI-83 went MIA in my senior year.
  • Desktop Textures - One of my odd hobbies when I was around 14 was to make desktop patterns by creating different combinations of pixels. To randomize the process, I would often start with a piece of clipart or a scanned photo to use as a palette. The end results are much less random since I have strong preferences for blues and greens, but I had fun, and I made quite a few. Good for use on your computer, and with some caution, as backgrounds for webpages.
  • Digital Dumpbox - The images here are all small. They are really the digital equivalent of drawing on a post-it. I have tons of these on my computer, and countless more were never even saved. When I find a good, reliable way to display these images, I will do so. Until then, my apologies.
  • Unsorted Scans - These are lifted out of some old sketchbook and a few loose pieces of homework. I can't use Photoshop to save my life and those who can and volunteered to clean these scans up have make them look somewhat worse for the wear. (My own fault for being a mechanical pencil nut!) So here they are, unsorted, badly sized, and generally iffy at best. I have better drawings, but I'm very bad at finding them so I can scan them in as well.

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