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Snippets are really little gifts from me to you. Web layouts, code, backgrounds, that sort of thing. Portions of this section are licensed under a creative commons license. If you have any questions, email me to get a better explanation and explain what you were intending to do. If I ask that you credit me, please do. A link back is always nice too, but not necesarily required.

  • Backgrounds - Here are some backgrounds I've made for my computer over the years. Most of them use completely original art, but a few of them feature other people's art or design.
  • Code Repository - Currently featuring homework assignments I handed in. Later on, I'll post up some of the javascript I've fiddled with and put together some of my favorite resources.
  • Web Design Layouts - I design layouts all the time, but for some reason or other, I decide not to use one or I create a new one. Find all my layouts here, available for free download and use on your own website.

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