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Every layout here is available for you to use on your own website. The terms are simple. If you decide to take a layout and change it enough that it's original, you may credit me as the inspiration if you like, but I won't require you to. However, if you leave the layout as it is or only change the colors, give me credit, preferably in the form of a link. Please don't just use one of these layouts and claim you wrote it yourself. That would make me sad.

Please note, I have not taken the time to test these layouts in every browser on the face of the Earth. That would be impossible for me to do. Each layout has been painstakingly tested in the latest version of Mozilla for Linux at the time each design was written. I will usually test the layout in Safari as well, and occasionally Opera. Layouts that claim to work in the latest release of Internet Explorer are, with rare exception, tested remotely by friends. Please take the time to make sure it looks alright to you in the browsers your viewers prefer. If you report a bug back to me, I can usually repair the problem very quickly.

Landscapes Landscapes: A Splash of Color Respin
Brand Identity Brand Identity: The Original
Brand Identity Alternate Design Brand Identity Alternate Design: Brand Identity's Minimalist Cousin
Papercut Papercut: super minimalist
Bumblebee Bumblebee: just for fun, bright and cheerful
Ladybug Ladybug: With contrasting spots
Tea Time Tea Time: A little more subdued, this graced my homepage for about a year
I Fixed This I Fixed This: based on a favorite Openbox theme of mine
Verde Verde: Green is a good color
A Splash of Color A Splash of Color: a little color in a simple, but elegant layout

The following layout was done on assignment, as a makeover, so the design is not my own creation. As a result, I cannot in good conscience allow visitors to my site to use it, even though the code (and images) were made by me. I've posted it here anyway, so that visitors can see the code I wrote and find some inspiration for their own works.

Maternal Work Transitions Maternal Work Transitions, Parenting, and Adolescent Adjustment: makeover for a CAS research project page

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