I am a grilled cheese sandwich

This layout is called bumblebee, for obvious reasons. Since this layout uses CSS, older browsers might break. I have tested this layout in the latest versions of Netscape (and Mozilla), Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera at the time of its creation. If you are using the latest versions of any of these browsers and you are still having problems, please report any bugs to me. If your audience is stuck with a browser that doesn't support CSS, this is probably not the layout for you. However, even the oldest browser will still be able to read this page, since it will render as plain html.

I like pasta

All art and code is completely original and my own creation, as far as that's possible. To use this layout, download the necessary files (in zip format). There are five files: the index file you see here, the stylesheet for the page, two different bumblebee images, and an image you can use as a background. Change this layout anyway you like, but if you don't change anything, please give me credit for the design. A link back here would be appreciated as well. :)

To learn more about CSS and how to customize the stylesheet included with this theme, visit the W3C.org's Resource Page.

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