This layout is called Papercut. Since this layout uses CSS, older browsers might break. However, it has been tested successfully in the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari with little ill effect. Feel free to report any problems to me. If your audience is trapped with an older browser, this might not be the layout for you, but you can be assured that the text, at least, will be legible in any situation.


For convenience, I've compressed the two necessary files into one convenient zip file. There are two files included with this layout: an index file and the CSS file. An image file can be easily inserted in the upper right hand corner. Instructions on how to do this will be included in the CSS file.

If you like this layout and want to use it on your site, the following rules apply: if you don't change this format at all or if you only change a few parts, please credit me for the design. This can be done through a link or even as an HTML comment. If you've changed it enough that you feel it is safely your own creation, you can decide for yourself if you wish to credit me or not. I don't pretend to know at which point this point is crossed. I will leave it to your judgement.