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X X    BB Verde: An Openbox Theme Composed for the Internet  

This layout is called openbox, after my current favorite window manager in Linux. Right now this layout has been "themed" with "BB Verde." For any Windows or Mac users out there that are confused, don't worry. This is what I see when I log into my computer and that's all you need to know. Since this theme uses CSS, older browsers might break. Please report any bugs to me. In very old browsers, such as Netscape 4, the viewer will only see plain text. I can personally guarantee it works in recent Mozilla based browsers, like Phoenix and Netscape 6 and 7. It should also work in Safari and Internet Explorer, but I am currently unable to test either browser. A friend of mine who runs Windows claims it works fine in Internet Explorer 6. This layout looks best at 16 bit color and at least 800x600 resolution.

The background and inspiration for this theme comes from the Blackbox theme "BB Verde" by Miguel Daniel. You can download this theme from (Download now). All credit for background, colors, and general design can be attributed to Miguel. All code can be attributed to me. The original license for this theme was the GPL, so the following rules apply. Changes are permissible, but give credit where it's due for both the art and for the layout. Please do not redistribute this layout commercially. A link back here would be appreciated as well. :)

To use this layout, download the necessary files (in zip format). There are five files. The index file you see here, the stylesheet for the page, a corner picture, a close button, and a maximize button. If you examine the source code for the index file, you will find the correct locations to replace text. Right now, the close and maximize buttons are set up to be links to a home page and to a sitemap. You can change these to be whatever you like, but please remember to change the "title" attribute at the same time. Any image on the page can be replaced by others with the same dimensions. To learn more about CSS and how to customize the stylesheet included with this theme, visit's Resource Page.

If you're done gawking here, you can go back to my web design page and look at a few more layouts.