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One of my hobbies, besides writing fantasy and sci fi stories, is to design the worlds they live in. So far, I have created two worlds that differ in scope. The first is Mauritania, a small kingdom isolated from the outside world and inhabited by a handful of people. The second is Sajin, which is an entire planet contained in its own solar system. As I create different locations or worlds or feel the need to flesh out locations that appear in the stories I write, I will put them online here, in order that others can read and review them at their leisure.

Mauritania is for all practical purposes complete. I've completely lost touch with my friend Bre, who was responsible for the bulk of the stories contained within these pages. Sajin however, is a work in progress. Currently, new pieces are being featured on Ideascrawls, my "literary" blog before being added here. Enjoy!

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