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This particular section has not been updated in some time, but I am including it for completeness and in the hopes that it will point some of you in the right direction. I have a feeling that most of you will find that the situation is largely unchanged. The installers still have bugs and no one has entirely solved the mouse button emulation problem (prepare to give up some keyboard real estate or get a three button mouse). On the bright side, most hardware is now supported in the main kernel and updates are much more frequent now than in the past.

A few years ago, I had the chance to try installing several distributions on an iBook2. I wasn't happy enough with any of the available distributions at the time to drop Mac OSX completely, and the tiny hard drive prevented me from dual booting, so the experiment came to an end rather quickly. When I traded in my iBook2 for a brand new shiny Powerbook, I decided to stick with Mac OSX and run Unix apps on top of it, using Apple's own X11 port and Fink. There are some great resource guides available, both to install Linux and to run Unix applications, which I'll try to point out as I go along.

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