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Every Linux install shares some common traits, but it's easy to get caught up in the specifics and lose track of the basic principles that can extend to any distribution. Linux on the PPC platform is, thankfully, very similar to Linu x on any other platform. We can thank the dedicated developers that work on each distribution for this. It is one thing to choose one one distribution over another for the programs it installs or the configuration system it employs. It is another to worry whether you'll be forced to learn a completely new operating system.

Consider a mental checklist if you will, of the steps required to install Linux on the PPC platform. Most of these will look familiar to previous Linux users, so I will try to provide comparisons to how it differs or is similar to Linuxes on other platforms.

    You need to break the install up into the following parts:
  • Choosing the Distribution
  • Making Room
  • Beginning the Install
  • Creating the Partitions
  • Choosing the Packages
  • Booting for the First Time

As you can see, this guide is incomplete. Please check my page of other resources for more information about where to begin finding documentation that is already completed.

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