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Breadstick Economy - So dubbed due to an outburst overheard by the Scholars and some others nearby. ("We cannot live on breadsticks alone, but we will have to try!") The Queen does not possess a royal treasury, but does have a large supply of breaksticks and lemonade for paying workers. No one knows where she gets them, but they don't ask because she's the Queen.

Hammock Grove - a large grove with several trees spaced just the right length apart to hang hammocks. This fact was discovered by some of the earliest members of the Sandalfoot family from when the Sandalfoot clan still bore the name of Sandl. Thus, many hammocks are to be found, one hung between every set of trees. Some of the hammocks are very old and were hung long before anyone can remember.

Loch Sandalfoot - a large mass of water with lots of fish who are kind enough to eat the algae and keep the lake clear from an excess of plantlife. Always a favorite of the Queen and her staff, many picnics have been held on its banks. The Queen's only complaint is the fact that the weather never grows cold enough for it to freeze over.

River Styx - the river that surrounds and cuts off Mauritania from the rest of the world; also the river by which all gods swear. Swimming in the Styx is not recommended as it has been found to cause severe memory loss and weak ankles.

Royal Bees - put there originally by the last gardener, this is the largest honeybee population found anywhere in the world and, due to their endangered status, one of their last refuges. Several bumblebees are currently diligently at work building their own small colony in an abandoned hive.

Royal Orchard - the Royal Orchard currently has pear, cherry, apple, and lemon trees with fruit in abundance. Sadly, most of it was fated to rot on the trees due to the lack of a gardener. Now that there is a new gardener, we may look forward to jam and apple butter once again.

Royal Stables - due to the limited finances of the past few rulers of Mauritania, the stables have remained empty until very recently and, sadly, it was beginning to fall apart. Since the arrival of the wandering knight, however, things have made a turn for the better due to the diligent and generous effort he has put into restoring it. He keeps his horse there. Another horse, this one a ghost, has also taken up residence as well. It is rumored that a secret and long forgotten entrance to the dungeons is nearby, though that has yet to be proven.

Tower Storage Area - originally designed for purposes that as of yet elude our scholarly team, it now serves as a sort of stockyard for holding extra towers. The resident magician has a tendency to blow up towers on a regular basis, so we find it wise to keep an extra supply on hand.

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