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Maura Dailey - Queen of Mauritania
Shara Donohue - Resident Cat
Jaana Hitzig - Barbarian
Alex Kaplan - Resident Magician
Bre MacInnes - Court Advisor and Old Hag in Disguise
Claire-Helene Mershon - Cook
Jill Neustel - Gardener and Grounds Keeper
Hannah Schoch - Resident Dragon
Chris Starr - Wandering Knight
Kyle West - Jseter
Jesi Yager - Knight, Nurse, and Official Castle Greeter

Queen Maura Sandalfoot
The Queen lives in the Queen's Quarters in the south wing of the castle on the first floor. She is bent on taking over the world, and she is very short. (Her throne is too high, something that never has been addressed.) She is addressed as Maura to her face, but as The Queen, or Queen Maura otherwise.

She does less work than anyone else, though she would be perfectly willing to do more, if anyone would let her. They don't let her, despite her many unsuccessful efforts. She likes to read a lot and can be found reading unless she is sleeping or talking to someone. She doesn't actually sleep much, and she tends to trail off while talking and forget what she was saying.

Maura tends to be hard to find because the precise place she is reading can be difficult to locate. Everyone is devotely loyal to her, and she rewards them with smiles, breadsticks, and lemonade. She absentmindedly misses meals a fair amount (and other things) because she is very forgetful and easily distracted.

Spinster the Cat
Spinster is the most independent cat ever to live and does exactly what she pleases. She never comes when called. She will not move out of the way for anyone, and she is a nuissance to anyone that gets in her way. She only cooperates with Claire.

It is thought that she might live in the kitchen or with Claire, but no one knows for sure since she is only rarely seen outside of the kitchen and Claire doesn't let many people into the kitchen. (She's kind of picky that way and very protective of the pantry.)

Jaana the Barbarian
Jaana the Barbarian lives in the Barbarian's forest. She carouses around the stables and scares all the bees. She has relatives who live in Fairyland (in other words, we don't know where they live) and she often visits them. She is good friends, with Hannah, the dragon.

Since she visits her relatives so often, we don't see her around very much. But since she sends back such lovely postcards, we know she's still around somewhere so we don't worry too much about her. Sometimes we don't get one for a while and the Queen gets worried, but then she's supposed to look after her subjects and make sure they're alright (even if her head is in the clouds most of the time).

Magi Alex
Magi Alex lives in the magician's tower. Nobody but him knows how to get into his tower except from the roof. He is the reincarnation of every magician who has ever served the Sandalfoots. Some of those magicians' personalities aren't quite compatible. He talks to himself and even has violent arguments with himself. He accidently blows up random towers a fair amount.

His inventions also have a dramtic history of blowing up. He carries around a scepter which he likes to wave around shortly before things blow up. It is thought that there may be a connection between his waving the scepter and blowing things up, but as of yet the Queen's Council of Research is undecided.

The Royal Advisor, Tiel D'Bre
Tiel D'Bre lives in the advisor's tower, with handy zip line access to the library. She is the advisor to the Queen and is also in charge of the farm. Her favorite hobby is dressing up as an old hag, hiding in towers, and scaring poor defenseless knights (sometimes she scares people without dressing up).

The Queen can find her whenever she is looking for her, but other people can only locate her by accident. Occasionally she is in contact with the Queen's ancestors in the library. She continually complains about the steep and narrow stairways in her tower that she is always falling down or tripping up on. The Queen also has complained about the stairs, but no one really wants to fix them, so they keep on tripping innocent feet.

Claire D.Entre, the Cook
Claire D'Entre lives in the cook's quarters above the kitchen. She is in charge of everything related to the preparation of anything edible. She has a French flair and speaks with a French accent. Occasionally, she will slip into total French. She generally can be found in her kitchen cooking up something.

Her biggest thorn in her side (which she complains about constantly) is the distance between where the food is stored and the kitchen and the dining room and how far she has to walk. She also gets irked by Queen Maura missing meals, which she does on a regular basis. The ghosts are just a little bit afraid afraid of Claire, but Spinster, the cat, gets along well with her. They could even be said to be friends.

Groundskeeper Jill
Groundskeeper Jill lives in the random tower. She is in charge of the gardens and grounds in and around the castle. If you're looking for her, she can either be found in the garden, the orchard, or hanging out with Sirina Jesi. She is very stubborn and gets along well with the bees.

Whenever Jaana is around and scaring the bees, Jill has her hands full trying to calm them down again. Thanks to her efforts, the royal orchard is once again producing fruit, and we now have honey to stock Claire's pantry with. Later on, we might even have beeswax candles to light during the long winter evenings.

Hannah the Dragon
Hannah the dragon is a shape-changing dragon, but she can't change into a human. She is little, for a dragon, and she is a rather bright shade of red. She likes to tell people that red dragons are meaner and much hungrier. We don't know if this is true or not, but she does eat an awful lot.

She enjoys chasing the horses around, and she torches people for fun. She has been suspected of eating diplomats from other countries, but there is no proof of this since we have not seen any diplomats. We do know that she doesn't eat any Mauritanian residents, a fact for which we are very grateful.

Sir Chris Topher
Sir Chris Topher lives in the broken down observatory. He is a wandering knight who wandered in one day and never left. He and Jseter Kyle are in charge of restoring the stables to their former glory. He also helps Kyle take care of the horses on occasion, and he is charge of the dungeons.

After discovering a secret entrance from the dungeons to the orchard, he now spends most of his free time exploring them. Nobody knows how many dungeons he's discovered, but we know of five so far. If he isn't out at the stables, he can be found somewhere in the maze of passageways which make up the dungeons.

Jseter Kyle
Jseter Kyle lives in the largest tree in Mauritania. He can be hard to locate because he is rarely in the castle unless he is cooking snacks to bring back to his tree. He and the wandering knight are in charge of restoring the stables to their former glory, not an easy task by any means owing to the years of neglect and their current dilapidated state.

He is also in charge of the horses who live in the stable, both the ghost horse and the wandering knight's horse. The ghost horse doesn't really need much care, but it seems to like the attention that Kyle gives it. He can often be seen working on the farm as well.

Sirina Jesi
Sirina Jesi lives in her tower. She is the knightnurse (knight + night nurse) and the ghostie social worker in her off hours. She can always be found. There is never a specific place she usually is, but whenever you need her, she appears (resembles a fairy godmother in that respect).

She is trusted by all the ghosts, even the ghost horse who trusts no one but the Jseter and the real horse. They are always nice to her, and they are always popping up in the oddest places trying to find her. When she isn't surrounded by her ghostie charges, she sometimes hangs around with Jill in the gardens taming weeds into submission.

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