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My name is Maura Dailey, I'm 29 years old, and I'm a graduate from Penn State, majoring in Computer Science. When I'm not idling away the hours, I can be found working on my website, doodling in the margins of my notebooks, writing programs, evangelizing CSS and Linux, knitting or sewing, and playing many wonderful video games.

I have many interests in the realm of computers, such as security, privacy, and cryptography. However, I'm also interested in web programming with HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, and many other dubious acronyms. I am very keen on layout and presentation issues, including the proper use of fonts. I also like to play around with formatting languages such as TeX and Postscript.

Even greater than my love of computers is my love of reading. Science fiction and fantasy are the best! Recent fantasy favorites on my list include Sabriel, His Dark Materials, The Riddlemaster of Hed, The Blue Sword and its companion book The Hero's Crown, The Fionavar Tapestry, the Discworld Novels, and the many varied works of Neil Gaiman. I've also read and enjoyed science fiction by Isaac Asimov, Neil Stephenson, and many others.

When I'm not reading scifi or fantasy, I'm writing my own. I began writing short scifi and fantasy stories in response to what I felt were poor plot decisions by my favorite authors. I found myself wondering what would happen if the character had made different choices or followed a different path. This kind of thinking led me to brainstorm entirely new plots with the most tenuous of connections to whatever I was reading at the time. I'm beginning to post some of these online over at Ideascrawls, my literary blog. I post my novel length pieces at Fiction Press. If I ever get around to polishing any of these stories, I'll be sure to create a better archive to display them in.

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